The Bulletin of the Catholic Laymen’s Association of Georgia

August 16, 1924

Florida’s Martyr Priests

Rev. John T. Goldt, Former Brunswick, Georgia Marist Father, narrates in the Ecclesiastical Review heroic deeds of pioneer missionaries…
May 9, 1926

Missionaries Labored in Georgia Generations Before English Made Their First Settlement

Article in the Commonweal reveals that this state has history antedating any statebut Florida – Friars came in 1565 – 1,070 Indians confirmed near Savannah in 1606, year before Jamestown and fourteen years before Plymouth…
June 5, 1926

Georgia, The Dean of the Colonies

Georgia was the first settled of the thirteen original colonies. Only one state in the Union was inhabited by Europeans before the Empire State of the South and that one, Florida, outdistances her in this respect by only a scant few months…

May 21, 1927

Georgia’s Spanish Mission Ruins Recall History Dating Back to 1566

Atlanta Journal Magazine story tells of labors of Franciscan friars among Indians here scores of years before founding of Jamestown and Plymouth…
May 11, 1929

Georgia’s Spanish Missions

1,070 Catholic Indians confirmed in state year before first permanent English settlement…
February 1, 1930

"Cradle of Catholicity in U.S." Has Stirring History

Its historic story told by graphic record written by late Father Henry P. Clavreul, Spanish brought faith to Florida four hundred years ago…
February 1, 1930

"Cradle of Catholicity in U.S." Has Stirring History (con't)

January 13, 1934

'Spanish Missions' preservation urged by Atlanta Journal

Editorially commends McIntosh County's efforts to secure PWA funds for purpose in Georgia…
February 29, 1936

Spanish Missions Subject of U. of Georgia Work

Dr. John Lanning of Duke University is author of volume. University of North Carolina Press publishes it – confirmation tour of Bishop in 1606 recorded in detail…
August 22, 1936

Beatification of Franciscan U.S. Martyrs to be Sought

109 martyred on this continent, 65 in U.S., 5 in Georgia, five in Florida…
September 28, 1940

Spanish Missions of Georgia Subject of Historical Volume

Dr. John Lanning of Duke University author of interesting book published by University of North Carolina Press…
anuary 17, 1948

Martyrdom in Georgia

Within recent weeks, the Freedom Train visited this section of the country, and while on tour through Georgia it was accompanied by the one-car Georgia Heritage exhibit, containing documents connected with the founding and early history of Georgia…
January 17, 1948

Ruins of Spanish Missions in Georgia

[Photos] Ruins of the Mission settlement on Pease Creek in McIntosh County, Georgia, six miles from Darien, known to the Spanish as the Tolomato Mission of the Franciscans where, in 1597, Father Pedro de Corpa was slain by a band of Yemassee Indianas headed by a young chieftan called Juanillo, who became murderously enraged when reproved by the missionary for his relapse into the practice of pagan polygamy…
February 28, 1948

Years of Lost History

Last month in these columns, The Bulletin told of the martyrdom in Georgia of five Franciscan friars who were among the intrepid Spanish missionaries who came to these shores to preach the Gospel of Christ to the Indians, not long after Christopher Columbus had landed on San Salvador…
November 27, 1948

Churchmen's Gatherings

Brunswick, we are glad to note, has just come in for some generous and interesting editorial comment in the pages of The Bulletin, official paper of the Catholic Layman's Association of Georgia…
July 26, 1952

Turning Back the Pages in History

For too many long years, too many people have been believing that Georgia's history began with the coming of General Oglethorpe and the English settlers in 1733, and a great and glorious era of this section of the Southland seemed to have been cast out of memory…
December 11, 1954

Catholics in Georgia

Like other expeditions and colonists, the Spanish were seeking wealth in the New World. But the missionary, who went side by side with the explorer, was at least as zealous in his quest for souls as the soldier was for riches…
September 17, 1955

Martyrdom in Georgia

In our recitation of the Litany of the Saints, when we implore the intercession of Patriarchs and Prophets, Apostles and Martyrs, Confessors and Virgins, we are, perhaps, inclined to think of martyrs in terms of those who suffered persecution under the pagan emperors of Rome or who died for the Faith in other far away times and places…
September 17, 1955

Martyrdom in Georgia (con't)

The Federation News

April 23, 1938

Georgia Martyrs

Georgia soil, long fertilized by the blood of martyrs, is beginning at last to flower forth into the real nobility of genuine Catholicity…

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

March 20, 2010

Out to unearth skull’s secrets

Amid the documents and paintings and photos, the detritus of centuries, is a reminder of a harder, violent time.

The Savannah Morning News

September 17, 2007

Bishop leads pilgrimage to "Georgia martyrs" site

ST. CATHERINES ISLAND - Their last moments must have been lonely…
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